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Les Noces du Figaro Turns Down Lights in Downtown

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The Figaro bistro offshoot has called it quits despite being in a great part of town.

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Les Noces du Figaro, the Downtown offshoot of the enduring Los Feliz bistro, has called it quits despite having a rather stunning interior and nestled location right in on the border between Historic Core and Financial District. Despite a pretty decent set of reviews on Yelp and solid fare, the place announced on their Facebook that they are "Closed for the moment. See you maybe soon. Thanks for support." That for the moment business doesn't inspire any confidence. Where will Francophiles get their fill of quiche now that Figaro is closed? And will someone will buy the business and revive that lovely ambiance? Or, was this perhaps that "historic" space that was looking for a buyer?
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Les Noces du Figaro

618 S. Broadway Street, Los Angeles, CA