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Thoroughbred, A New Culver City Spot By Evan Funke

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The Bucato chef is already onto his second restaurant in Culver City, this time a modern American diner at the Hayden Tract Platform.

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Breaking. Platform, that new development at the Hayden Tract in Culver City is adding another strong tenant in addition to SF's Craftman & Wolves and Blue Bottle Coffee: Evan Funke and his newest concept, Thoroughbred. A classic diner serving breakfast through dinner, Funke's partnering again with Bucato afiliate Ed Keebler. Though the shell of the space will be all midcentury modern, the interior will feel very much Americana at its finest. It makes sense since this spot was previous an automobile showroom in the 1960's.

No word on opening date at the moment, though a 2015 debut seems likely. Culver City, are you ready for more of Funke's awesomeness, and perhaps, that award-winning burger that he served at Rustic Canyon for many years?
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3280 Helms Avenue, Culver City, CA 90034 310-876-0286


Washington Blvd. & Landmark St., Culver City, CA