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NYC's Bareburger Entering Main St Santa Monica's Omelette Parlor

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The prolific New York burger chain, with a slant toward organic ingredients, is taking over the old Omelette Parlor.

Omelette Parlor Turning Into Bareburger
Omelette Parlor Turning Into Bareburger

The old Omelette Parlor is getting taken over by a New York burger chain - something that doesn't happen to often in L.A. but might be a welcome sight for organic food mavens. Bareburger, which has numerous outlets in the NYC area, will populate the old-time breakfast spot on Main Street, according to Secret Santa Monica's Twitter. No word on when it'll actually debut, but according to the planning commission, the 89-seat restaurant will make no significant changes to the iconic exterior. Either way, check out a sample menu here and stay tuned.

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