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Santa Monica's Simply Raw Closed Until Further Notice

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Simply Raw in Santa Monica has been shut down since last week. No word on when it comes back.

Simply Raw
Simply Raw
Matthew Kang

Simply Raw in Santa Monica has barely been open for three months and now a sign on the door says Closed Until Further Notice. The cafe features raw items like nachos, tacos with walnut meat, lasagna with zucchini noodles layered with pesto, coffees and desserts. It sits next to Ciboteca and Hostaria Del Piccolo on Broadway and has remained closed for about a week.

Rumors are circulating that recipes were sold or troubles with management ensued. However, there is nothing concrete yet. Word on the street is that it may not reopen. First, Planet Raw shuttered on the same street and now Simply Raw may not make it. Raw foodists, let's remain hopeful. Story still developing....
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