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Tam O' Shanter, One of LA's Oldest Restaurants, Gets A Shiny Neon Sign

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The classic 90-year old meat and potatoes joint in Atwater Village won't be hard to spot anymore.

Tam O' Shanter Sign
Tam O' Shanter Sign

Two days ago, Tam O' Shanter, which is the longest continually owned and operated restaurant in the city of Los Angeles, lit up a new neon sign with the classic lightning bolt logo. Inspired by Robert Burns' poem about a farmer named Tam O' Shanter, it reads, "he lightnings flash from pole to pole...near and more near the thunders role." It's a fun refresh for a casual spot that offers a similar menu to Lawry's Prime Rib, but at a lessor cost. Drive by, wave at the new sign, and maybe drop by for a platter of roast beef and mashed potatoes.

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