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Fukurou's Minimalist Ramen Dives Deep Into Thai Town

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[Photo: Midtown Lunch]

Though Krua Siri had a good run, it's been replaced by a ramen spot called Fukurou, reports Midtown Lunch. While the digs look pretty simple inside, the ramen comes along with a might fine combo deal that will appeal to bargain hunters. Start with a hearty bowl of pork-based tonkotsu, a plate of gyoza, and a bit of fried rice "studded with leftover bits of chashu" for a mere $9. The egg's cooked perfectly and the noodles are likely of the Sun variety. Other bowl types include shio and miso, for those looking for something not quite as fatty. While Fukurou's ambitions aren't quite as high as Tsujita's or even Daikokuya's, it's alternative for the East Hollywood area.
· Fukurou Replaces Krua Siri With Best Ramen Deal of All Time [Midtown Lunch]


5103 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

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