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Behold ChocoChicken's Minimalist Menu, Now With Much Less Chocolate Everywhere

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The chocolate overload from the former ChocoChicken menu has been done away for a cleaner, simpler bill of fare with only a few cacao-heavy dishes.

ChocoChicken Bar
ChocoChicken Bar
Elizabeth Daniels

Adam Fleischman and his AdVantage Restaurant Partners saw a need to quickly change up the deal at ChocoChicken, his much anticipated chocolate fried chicken spot in Downtown that hasn't been met with the kind of rabid attention that some other concepts of his have received. A new menu is one step away from the chocolate-laden offerings of yore, with a cleaner, simpler selection of chocolate fried chicken as the basis.

A lineup of fried chicken with some standard sides (see, no chocolate biscuits or chocolate mashed potatoes), all with some more reasonable prices to boot. Even those sickly sweet chocolate cocktails are off the drink list. Check out the simplified menu below and waltz over to ChocoChicken to try the new and improved sports bar just in time for playoff baseball. AdVantage's Santa Monica location for ChocoChicken is still in construction.

ChocoChicken Menu

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