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Sweet Amsterdam Rolling With Dutch Waffles Soon

Stay tuned for Sweet Amsterdam, a new food truck coming this September. The couple behind the wheel decided the City of Angels was missing desserts from the Netherlands; so Farhad, one of Sweet Amsterdam's creators, a Dutch native, decided to do something about it.

Think fresh Dutch waffles made to order named stroop (pronounced "strope"), which incorporate two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel filling in the middle. One can add whipped cream and strawberries or make it into an ice cream waffle sandwich. The other Dutch delicacy featured is pancakes named poffertjes (pronounced "pofferchess"), which are small and puffy with powdered sugar and butter. Finish it off with fresh Dutch brewed coffee to pair with the sweets.

Look out for the Sweet Amsterdam vehicle in the Westwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and West LA area. The truck isn't quite ready yet but this is the design and for more info, here is the website. Once launched this Fall, track the truck's location on their Twitter. Keyla Vasconcellos