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Lunasia Steams Up Pasadena With SGV-Caliber Dim Sum

It's a quick turnaround for the San Gabriel Valley staple.

Lunasia Pasadena
Lunasia Pasadena

Looks like Lunasia didn't take long to revamp the Pasadena space previously held by wine bar Vol. 94. After hanging a banner back in December as a way to stake their dim sum claim to Colorado Blvd., the universally-loved Lunasia outfiitted the space in short order and opened their doors on Sunday.

As Eater LA contributor Tony Chen previously noted, Pasadena has been bereft of real dim sum for more than two years now, so the Lunasia drop-in seems like an ideal situation for the neighborhood — even if there isn't currently any plan to tack on an alcohol license to the restaurant.

The news of Lunasia's arrival, interestingly enough, came by way of a splashy little promo commercial on their YouTube page, which shows off the two-story eatery's flashy new details. There's upgraded tables and plenty of tall, flat-backed booth seating to accommodate the weekend dim sum brunch crowds. Tack on some modernist chandeliers and a very out of place big screen TV, and you've got yourself a restaurant.

Lunasia Dim Sum House
239 E Colorado Blvd 
Pasadena, CA
626) 793-8822
Open daily at 10 a.m.

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