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6 Things to Know About Wine Raves in LA

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The cool kids know that wine shots and glow sticks is the hottest pairing in town.

What do you get when you take wine and blend it with black lights and glow sticks? A plethora of happily drunk millennials at what is being called a wine rave. Wine rave masterminds Maxwell Leer and Adam Vourvoulis recently explained to the Times what exactly this means. Here are the important things to know about wine raves:

1.     According to, "Wine rave is a state of mind. Can you free yourself from color; its sensation as pleasure; as life. Stop swirling. Derobe. Become bioluminescent. Feel a stranger. Listen. Laugh and have fun. Wine rave."

2.     The concept is able to build off of the credibility of the winos behind it. Maxwell Leer was most recently wine director of Bestia, and Adam Vourvoulis was general manager and beverage director at Trois Mec and Petit Trois.

3.     The idea has the objective of getting rid of the pretension associated with wine. We like the idea of making wine more accessible, but it sounds like wine rave wants to take it to the next level. Don't forget to "derobe" and "feel a stranger!"

4.     Wine rave completely reimagines the way we drink wine. Wine rave events bid farewell to traditional decanting and swirling, and instead opt to serve wine shots and glowing wine cocktails.

5.     It is extremely affordable. The last event was at Honeycut, where tickets were $20 and included a wine cocktail along with "WINE SHOTZZZ 4eva," or unlimited wine shots. $30 bought bottle service with a bottled wine cocktail, which is likely the most affordable VIP experience that has ever existed in Los Angeles.

6.     It has been around for a while. In 2011, wine raves hit San Diego's clubs and Wine and Food festival.

No word yet on when the next one will be, but hopefully another event will play host to ravers and oenophiles soon. We'd say that wine tastings just got seriously turned up.