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Kawaba Rice Ball, A New Onigiri Spot Rolling Onto Melrose Avenue

Shrimp Fry or Chicken Curry musubi sound good? Check out Kawaba Rice Ball at the end of the month.

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Move over Sunny Blue, because another Japanese musubi (onigiri) store is on the horizon. Kawaba Rice Ball, a Japanese deli, will tentatively open on January 30 on Melrose. For those unfamiliar with Japanese onigiri, they are delicious, fluffy rice balls with varying fillings. Also, it can be wrapped with or without nori. As a staple of Japanese bento or lunch boxes it's casual and perfect for eating on the go.

Kawaba Rice Ball gets its name from Kawaba Village, a small town of only 3,500 people. The owner operates a musubi store there, where exceptionally high-quality rice called Yukihotaka is grown and used. Their mission is to create the new Japanese taste sensation this side of the Pacific, starting with LA.

At Kawaba, the menu will include organic and natural ingredients and the high-grade rice will come directly from Kawaba Village. Additionally, fillings will consist of meat, fish or Japanese-style pickled veggies. One can look forward to perfectly soft, warm and handmade quality musubi for a simple meal, yet a gourmet experience.

Kawaba Rice Ball
7368 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Check out the Menu below:

Kawaba Rice Balls

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