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Inaugural Wine Rave at Honeycut Proved Popular Enough To Merit Another

Don't forget to bring your glow sticks.

Wine Rave
Wine Rave

Great news for aspiring wine ravers. Love it or hate it, wine rave became a hot topic after learning all about the glow stick-laden phenomenon. Well the wait for news of the next rave is over, as Eater learns that it will be on January 26 as an after party for the Golden State of Cocktails, from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Honeycut.

It's pretty much the same deal as the last event. The rave is open to the public, and $20 buys a wine cocktail and WINE SHOTZZZ 4EVA. The cocktail, called the Valley Girl, is made with a rosé that wine rave mastermind Maxwell Leer makes in Rancho Cucamonga in partnership with Filippi Winery. The wine is cut with housemade tonic water, the quinine from which makes the "drank," as Leer calls it, glow under black light.

$30 buys bottle service of "WINE DRANK," a cocktail of cremant with angostura bitters, fresh lemon juice, and vodka. For those needing additional libations, wine cocktails will be sold for $8 at the bar.

Expect free flowing booze and pulsating music, and in the words of the original wine ravers themselves, to "ball out til ya fall out."


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