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Bulletproof, A Coffee Shop Specializing in Grass-Fed Butter Drinks Oozing Into Santa Monica

It could be the next big diet trend.

Dave Asprey at upcoming location of Bulletproof Coffee, Santa Monica
Dave Asprey at upcoming location of Bulletproof Coffee, Santa Monica

If you haven't yet heard, buttering your coffee is the next big thing. What's even more surprising is that it's actually supposed to help with weight loss and sustain energy throughout the day. Today comes news that it will be sold at the upcoming Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica.

The idea comes from Dave Asprey, founder of "high performance" lifestyle brand Bulletproof. Bulletproof coffee is a blend of "toxin-free" coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee, and MCT oil. Although this idea is new to most, it was inspired by Tibetan yak butter tea, which has been around for centuries. According to Asprey, the Bulletproof version has been optimized to improve satiety and energy.

This isn't the first time the buttery beverage will be sold in Los Angeles. Erewhon has been selling Bulletproof-branded coffee for years, but has recently seen a rise in sales as the trend is catching on. Bulletproof coffee blended with MCT oil and clarified ghee is sold at Erewhon for $5.49 for a small and $6.58 for a large, which isn't much more than an upscale latte at most coffee shops.

Because the latte-ish drink is intended to be a meal replacement, breakfast food items will not be sold at Bulletproof Coffee, although a lunch menu is in the works. However, patrons can upgrade their coffee with a collagen shot, which is also supposed to boost energy and is great for skin. The shop will feature high-tech brewing equipment and other Bulletproof products.

Bulletproof Coffee could hit the Westside as early as the end of February, with more locations in the works.

Bulletproof Coffee
3110 Main St
Santa Monica, 90405