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Rosa Mexicano Will Deliver A Mountain of Guacamole to Your Super Bowl Party

The popular high-end Mexican chain doles out the guac for Super Bowl Sunday.

Well here’s a new take on Super Bowl Sunday menus. Rather than enticing sports fans out from their flat screen TV hovels for the day with reduced price drinks and wing deals, Rosa Mexicano is going to let customers stay right at home — they’ll be delivering the big ass bowl of guacamole straight to the house.

That’s right: Rosa Mexicano, the pink-hued Mexican party restaurant with locations across the United States (except one in West Hollywood), is willing to basically back up a bucket truck full of guacamole and dump in on your doorstep in anticipation of the big game.

Casually called the Guac-to-Go Party Pack (with a lot of allusions to their own super "bowl"), this game day delivery option is available for parties of basically any size. Sure, the largest option they actually list is the Guac for 20 which, at $5 a head, will set partiers back a cool hundred bucks. But what’s to stop someone from ordering two Guac for 20 deals? Or four or six or ten thousand? Hypothetically, there’s no end to the guacability of your next Super Bowl party.

If you’re worried, at this very moment, that there may not be enough tortilla chips in the entire world to satiate your desire for all that guac, rest assured: Rosa Mexicano is even providing the chips and tortillas (house-made, natch). So now there’s really no excuse.

Rosa Mexicano

800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 747-6188 Visit Website

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