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Monsoon Cafe Gets Swept Away on Third Street Promenade, Giving Way To New Concept

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The 20 year old pan-Asian restaurant is giving way to something new in April.

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Monsoon Cafe
Monsoon Cafe
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Monsoon Cafe, which has been serving the masses of Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica since 1995, has closed its doors for good, according to Toddrickallen. Though section of the Promenade doesn't quite bustle as much as the other part, Monsoon Cafe has managed to stick around for much longer than its restaurant competitors on the block.

It's unclear whether the former operators are opening the new concept, or if another entity is going into the prime space, but expect something new to open by around April. The former operators control a number of restaurants in Japan, some of which purportedly competed on the original Iron Chef TV series.