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The Boba Boom Rolls Full Time Into Westwood With Koala Tapioca

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The food truck rides into a brick and mortar.

Well that was fast. Just a year after launching as a boba-fueled food truck, Koala Tapioca is settling into a brick and mortar and leaving the street game altogether, though they aren't going far from their old stomping grounds.

UCLA students Vincent Ho and David Mangold first jumpstarted Koala Tapioca in 2013 after finding relatively few boba options in the area, despite the clientele for it. Now, after a successful twelve months navigating their truck in and around Westwood, the dynamic duo is moving into a full-fledged space on Weyburn Avenue, with an expanded menu to boot. After first hearing about them back in November, it seems the team has wasted no time in setting up shop.

Ho and Mangold brought on a former Patina cook to help spice up the savory side of the menu, and have landed on a fusion-y mix of gourmet tacos, galbi-laced Korean BBQ fries and more. Alongside lots and lots of boba, of course.

Expect Koala Tapioca to be serving up by month's end.

Koala Tapioca
10965 Weyburn Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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