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Maru Finally Comes Back to Life in Santa Monica

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Jason Park's Maru sushi restaurant set to open in late Februrary.

Jason Park, the multi-faceted chef behind the popular Maru (previously in Valencia) and the recently closed Ramekin, is finally ready to re-introduce his omakase in Santa Monica. After a series of omakase pop-ups (which, really, are the best kinds of pop-ups) Summer of 2013 at the old Sasabune , Maru went AWOL and its progress completely fell off the plywood radar.

Park's dedicated clients visited Ramekin for his a la minute cookies and bread puddings, but the dinner clients clamored for the return of the sushi restaurant. After over a year and half (of waiting for the economy to fully recover), the chef is finally projecting the new grand opening for late February.

Aside from the change in location, Maru Santa Monica-adjacent will expand on the much-loved Valencia concept which combined French techniques, farmers market produce and Japanese cuisine. Park will showcase the full omakase experience in the heart of Wilshire corridor at the fully renovated space designed by Michelle Dokey. Don't be surprised if Ramekin's artful desserts menu eventually make it into Maru's repertoire.

A full alcoholic license is already in the works, so look for LA's first cocktail omakase on sushi omakase experience along with the expected sake and wines.

12400 Wilshire Blvd. #150
Santa Monica, 90025