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Santa Monica Place's Inbound Arclight Theatres Will Offer Cafe Fare and Full Bar

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The movie chain will make meals happen in their new digs.

The former Zengo at Santa Monica Place
The former Zengo at Santa Monica Place
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As those Curbed nerds have been breathlessly chattering about, Santa Monica is getting an Arclight. Well, two actually. And the one at Santa Monica Place is going to have some serous food options to boot.

In typical Westside fashion, Toddrickallen is all over this one. The inbound Arclight is settling nicely into the space directly above Bloomingdale’s, with the hopes of reviving the struggling Santa Monica Place. That's a relief, because restaurant concepts have been falling out of love with the building for a while now, though a gigantic Cheesecake Factory is inbound.

So what of the food and beverage options at the latest Arclight, which is set to debut in fall? Details are spare, but there will be confirmed space for cafe seating and a full bar. Whether that means a full sit-down experience like the Hollywood Arclight or something more akin to a bar with light snacks remains to be seen. Either way, it’s a boon to Santa Monica Place, which could use all the help (and foot traffic) it can get at this point.