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Sunny Blue's Japanese Rice Balls Are Now Fully Formed in Culver City

Another addition to Culver City's restaurant row.

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Sunny Blue has landed in Culver City. The Santa Monica omusubi (that’s Japanese rice ball to you, which is sometimes also called onigiri) shop has won over hearts and tongues with their interesting combo of rice balls and frozen yogurt.

Billing itself as Southern California’s only omusubi shop (though another is headed to Melrose), Sunny Blue has made quite a name for itself in Santa Monica, slinging options like the Tokyo Tori, with chicken in a sweet and sour sauce. There’s also an array of side dishes that at first blush are a bit more straightforward to Western diners, like a pork curry udon bowl or simple daikon salad.

And don’t forget about their frozen yogurt (which is still a thing, apparently), with options ranging from the usual matcha green tea to graham crackers and Belgian dark chocolate. Following on the heels of December’s notice that Sunny Blue’s Culver City location was hiring, things now seems to be fully operational.

Sunny Blue
12608A Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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