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Pinkberry is Desperately Giving Away Ten Cent Froyo For Its Birthday

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The decade-old frozen yogurt shop is scaring up some business, one dime at a time.

Is Pinkberry getting desperate? After their co-founder was sentenced early last year for beating a homeless guy, you'd think the brand would be stronger than ever! But it's not the case apparently, as evidenced by this seriously staggering froyo deal.

Pitched in the guise of a ten year celebration, Pinkberry is offering ten-cent small frozen yogurts (with toppings, mind you) to anyone who comes in to any Pinkberry between 7 p.m. and close on January 30. Of course, you have to like the official Pinkberry Facebook page to qualify for the deal, but still — ten cents doesn't even cover the cost of gummy worm toppings.

As if that weren't enough to raise economic eyebrows, the deal goes one further: just say the magic words Birthday Style at the register to have your frozen yogurt sprinkled with edible gold and topped with a birthday candle. It's all starting to sort of sound like the birthday party for that one kid in middle school that no one liked, but everyone's parents made them go anyway.

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