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Ludwig Beer Garden & Restaurant Taps Into The Original Farmers Market

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Ludwig Beer Garden will open this year in the former Johnny Rocket space.

The Farmer's Market by The Grove will soon add Ludwig, a beer garden set to open some time later this year in the old Johnny Rocket's space. Sisters Christina and Catyana Azinian, who own The Counter franchises here in LA and Vegas, are behind the project.

With the sign including a Bavarian Flag themed sigil and King Ludwig as the logo, perhaps one can expect an eatery with German influence. Ludwig will be a unique aspect to the diverse Farmer's Market, with authentic schnitzels, German sausages, and a variety of beers on the horizon.

6333 W 3rd Street #706
Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Grove

189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323-900-8080 Visit Website