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Blue Moon®: White IPA Hunt

Did you know the Blue Moon® founder and head brewmaster Keith Villa has his doctorate in brewing from the University of Brussels? With a 20-year history with roots in Belgium, it was only right to make an IPA with a Blue Moon® twist – a Blue Moon® White IPA. One with beautiful hop aroma and flavor, but also brewed with wheat, orange peel and coriander to make it unmistakably Blue Moon®.

The Blue Moon® brewmasters searched far and wide to find the perfect hops and ingredients for this beer. Now, months before the official nationwide release of White IPA, Eater and Blue Moon® Brewing Company are challenging fans in Los Angeles to go on an enjoyable search of their own to find and try the very first sips of Blue Moon® White IPA available anywhere.

On January 29, Blue Moon® invites you to decode GPS coordinates to discover an exclusive launch party to not only try the beer, but also, the first 20 verified participants will receive a custom etched growler, and an invite to an exclusive beer dinner with one of the brewmasters. Head this way to RSVP and the coordinates will be sent you.

WHERE: Visit to obtain the coordinates
WHEN: January 29, 2015 from 7-9pm

Res of CA/IL/NY/TN/TX, 21+ only. While supplies last. Subject to terms @ Void where prohibited.