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Jason Travi Also Out at Superba, Chooses Seattle as Next Destination

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The chef also runs littlefork in Hollywood.

What in the holy hell is happening at Superba Food & Bread? Just one day after word broke that bread maestro Lincoln Carson had jettisoned himself from the popular Venice hangout because it just “wasn’t a good fit,” now comes news that chef Jason Travi is also moving away from Paul Hibler and his American Gonzo restaurant group.

Of course, he’s not the first chef to decide on another course of action after initially pairing up with Hibler. Last year, Jason Neroni swapped destinies himself, moving from American Gonzo to Bill Chait’s Sprout, which is quickly approaching go-time on their Marina del Rey spot Catch & Release.

The Instagram note from chef Travi doesn’t reveal any details other than to say he’s heading up to Seattle. Since it can’t be the weather, there must be something pretty temping to draw a chef with two successful restaurants that far north.

Stay close to this one — Eater will have more as it comes together.

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