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Playground's Jason Quinn Is Giving Away Pastries For Five Weeks at Dough Exchange

To drum up some local business, the Playground chef is asking for some feedback from anyone who wants to enjoy.

Dough Exchange, Downtown Santa Ana
Dough Exchange, Downtown Santa Ana
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Jason Quinn (Playground chef and MTV Snack Off judgehas a little bit of a problem on his hands. He's built out a great bakery in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana called Dough Exchange, but the foot traffic and local business has been slow, to say the least. So, in order to convince people in Santa Ana that he's doing some of the best pastries in Orange County, he's giving away two pastries per person, per day, for the next five weeks, as long as they're enjoyed on the premises. (Update: free pastries per person for each time you fill out a comment card, not just per day. So feel free to load up, two by two)

Dough Exchange

A talented coterie of bakers including Fawn Mathers (who hails from Seattle), Tyler Mosier (doughnut specialist), Josh Korn, and Brenna Wolverton is teaming up to produce anywhere from 10-12 different kinds of pastry every day, from doughnuts and croissants to muffins and cakes. All you have to do to nab some freebies is drop by every day from tomorrow until about five weeks from now, when Quinn's marketplace has completed construction.

Check Instagram to see what Dough Exchange has been proofing and baking, but the excellent offerings include freshly baked loaves of bread, muffins, and other sweets. There are also plenty of to-go items like handmade pastas, as well as coffee and tea drinks, but those will all be available at full price.

Dough Exchange
220 E. 4th Street #102
Santa Ana, CA 
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.