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Find Some of the Best Home-Style Taiwanese Fare at Jurassic Tea Spot

Taiwanese immigrants are calling this new eatery the closest thing to home.

The Chinese sign reads Whatever Life Cafe
The Chinese sign reads Whatever Life Cafe
Clarissa Wei

There's a new Taiwanese restaurant in town that's everyone's buzzing about on social media. It's called Jurassic Tea Spot and they opened their doors on January 5 in the City of Industry. In Chinese, the signage reads Sui Bian Shen Huo Guan. The translation: Whatever Life Café.


The small eatery is right next door to Jurassic Restaurant; they have the same owners, just different menus. While Jurassic is a kitschy, dinosaur-themed establishment doling out Taiwanese beer bites, Tea Spot is more focused on comfort food –- the type that mom makes at home. The menu has a heavy focus on set meals, with a complimentary drink and soup.

Think Taiwanese noodle soups, pork belly, sweet sausage, and ground pork over rice. Stinky tofu is unapologetically putrid and the pork blood cake and Taiwanese tempura evokes memories of Taipei night market fare.

The café already has lines out the door during lunch hours, thanks to the social media efforts of Taiwanese immigrants who are declaring authenticity on Facebook. Inside, there’s a huge sign that reads Lu Rou Fan in Chinese, a loud homage to their signature dish – braised pork with rice.

Jurassic Tea Spot
15301 Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91745

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