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Is Pane e Vino Coming Back From the Dead to Take Over Hatfield's?

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The longtime Beverly Blvd. restaurant shuttered in 2011.

It certainly hasn’t taken long for the the former Hatfield’s space to find a new tenant. Following eight years of carrying the fine dining banner, Quinn and Karen Hatfield shuttered their eponymous restaurant at 6703 Melrose at the end of December, focusing instead on their new restaurant Odys + Penelope.

As of this week, there’s a new ABC license up for the same property, and it’s got a rather interesting name: Pane e Vino. Astute diners will likely recognize the name from back in the day on Beverly Blvd., where a restaurant under the same title survived for around two decades. Eventually, Beverly  Blvd.’s Pane e Vino shuttered and the location became Sirena and, eventually, today’s Terrine.

All that is to say: the Hatfield’s space won’t be down for long. There’s no official word on whether or not this Pane e Vino is the same as 2011’s Pane e Vino, but there’s something intriguing about the name, to say the least.


6703 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323 935 2977

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