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Kinder's BBQ Bringing Southern-Style BBQ to Sad Lakers Fans at Staples Center

The Northern California chain plans to open shortly.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Apparently the bone broth isn’t helping Kobe after all, considering the longtime Laker is likely to sit the rest of the season with a shoulder injury (though Clippers fans still have plenty of hope). This year’s dismal season is enough to make even passing fans head for the concession stands early, which is exactly what AEG is hoping for.

By way of example, meet Kinder’s BBQ, the latest addition to the many offerings at Staples Center. The Northern California chain, with options from Walnut Creek to Reno, is putting down their first Southern California roots right inside of Staples Center on the City View Terrace. There'll be indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks L.A. Live, with room for 100 to come and enjoy food before games and at intermissions.

The Southern-style BBQ joint may not seem like a natural fit for the downtown arena at first blush, but with the overall rise of barbecue in Los Angeles (Kinder's BBQ will even have the requisite picnic tables), the move is perhaps less than surprising. And with options like tequila lime ribs on the menu, it’ll be hard for even saddened Lakers fans to say no. Expect a full alcohol license to boot, which should come in handy considering the Lakers are so terrib — you get it.

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