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Jiouding Hot Pot Replaces Geriatric Manna, Henry's Serves More Cantonese Cafe Fare

Jiouding Hot Pot Will Begin Serving Nine Palace Chambers Chengdu Hot Pot This Month.

Welcome to Meanwhile In SGV a regular feature in which Tony Chen, our fearless leader in all things San Gabriel Valley, brings word of restaurant openings, closings, and other unsung, curious neighborhood goings on.

1) Rosemead: The 26 year old Manna Korean BBQ is being taken over by Jiouding Hot Pot. Partner Yuan Wang estimates opening date of this week, signage has just gone up, and beer and wine license is pending. This is a joint effort between three friends, and Wang says "old" Chengdu style hot pot (where the base soup is actually a braised stock and not "fresh" soup) with a "nine palace chambers" cauldron will be the theme. The Sichuanese invasion of SGV marches on with no abatement in 2015. 2101 San Gabriel Blvd.

Half and Half Good Time

2) San Gabriel: The eight branch of Half and Half may be the most complete out of boba milk tea empire. This particular branch, located immediately left of another Taiwanese bistro (Taipei Bistro), in the Luscious Dumpling Plaza, has plentiful seating -- relative to the half and half "express" operations. Best part: Half and Half Good Old Time offers a smorgasbord of Taiwanese street eats, making it more of a "Sinbala" than simply yet another boba pusher. 704 W Las Tunas Dr Ste E2


3) Alhambra: The previously tracked Henry's has opened. 50% off entire menu special runs until end of the day today. The menu has reverted to what's par for this particular location: Cantonese cafe food. 301 E Valley Blvd

168 Garden

4) San Gabriel: (Yunnan) 168 Garden has given up the ghost. The interior looked to have started some type of reconstruction, but work has stopped. There are no further news of what's up coming next here. This location was once part of the growing Yunnan Garden chain. 1530 S San Gabriel Blvd