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Grain-Centric Brunch From Roxana Jullapat Pops Up at Elysian Starting This Sunday

No Atkins dieters will be found.


Coming off the heels of a successful pop-up dinner series, prolific private event space elysian is back at it, this time for brunch.  Baker Roxana Jullapat (formerly Cooks County) and noodle maker Sonoko Sakai (Common Grains) are partnering up for a brunch pop up series that will commence every Sunday from February 1 through April 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jullapat and Sakai's passion for heirloom grains will be on full display. Sonoko, who has gained a reputation for mastering the notoriously difficult buckwheat noodle in the Japanese tradition, explains that "grains will be the centerpiece of our menu, not a side dish." Think dishes like polycrop mochi waffles made with sweet Japanese rice blended with eleven grains, and baked pancakes made mainly with Anson Mills buckwheat flour.

Full menu below:

Morning Pastries
Sticky Oatmeal Donut
Buttermilk Biscuit
Meyer Lemon Cornmeal Muffin
Semolina Scone (add cream $2)
All pastries $3

Biscuit sandwich: cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, onion jam $12
Buckwheat bread, smoked trout, herbed cream cheese, red onion & capers $13
Polycrop mochi waffle, maple honey & homemade preserves $12
Baked buckwheat pancake, homemade preserves & maple syrup $12
Breakfast galette: egg, green onions, spinach & gruyère $11
Poached eggs, polenta, greens & bacon $14
Heirloom Japanese rice bowl, carrots, burdock, ginger, sesame & nori $14
Hand-cut soba noodle salad, black kale, winter squash & pumpkin seeds $14
Three American cheeses, oat biscuits & sweet mostarda $16

Simple salad $10
Hash brown $8
Apples & homemade almond-honey butter $9
Rustic bread $4
Smokey bacon $5

Items subject to change according to seasonal availability

2806 Clearwater St
Los Angeles, CA 90039


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