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Watch Adventurous Diners Eat a Whole Boa Constrictor in Chinatown

The big, scary snake is said to provide several sexual benefits.

Anxious to get your virility levels up for the new year? Try eating an entire dinner’s worth of boa constrictor.

Maybe it’s an old wives’ tale, maybe there’s some truth to the rumor (You don’t know! You’ve never had boa constrictor!), but in certain Chinese circles, the long, strong snake is said to provide certain… ahem… enhanced bedroom qualities. Enter Vice’s food imprint Munchies, which went down to L.A.’s Chinatown to find out.

Though the video piece declines to name the restaurant serving the "off-menu" eight course boa constrictor meal, it seems to be Hop Woo on Broadway, which is where chef Lupe Liang cooks (he’s the one with the anime villain haircut who effortlessly lops the head off of said boa). And, of course, what would an off-menu, weird ingredient dinner be without the presence of local insane food eater Eddie Lin from Deep End Dining?

While not exactly NSFW, the video might not be suitable for any work environment where people get squeamish at the idea of a snake being chunked up into pieces and cooked a variety of ways. Enjoy.

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