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Dana Hollister's Boutique Hotel Gets Boozy Go-Ahead After Permitting Update

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The Pilgrim Church revamp is once again a go.

Dreams (or nightmares, depending on your Silver Lake location) do come true! Dana Hollister's long-held boutique hotel concept, which has been on-again-off-again with the city for quite some time, is now officially a full-fledged go, thanks to an approved booze and dancing permit — and despite some neighborly grumblings.

As Curbed LA reports, the sudden about-face is pretty surprising, given the LA Planning Department's initial hesitance to dole out the appropriate approvals back in September. At that time, Hollister (Villains Taven, Brite Spot, Cliff's Edge) indicated that the entire 25-room hotel project might be in jeopardy, and it seems the city heard her loud and clear.

Now that the plan is back on, neighbors can (begrudgingly, for some) expect 4,000 square feet of restaurant and bar space, with a handful of bar areas and plenty of late night dancing. Of course, there are plenty of other options for dining and drinking in the area as well, including adjacent Pine & Crane.

Do you agree that this revamp of the longtime Pilgrim Church is simply too much for the saturated neighborhood, or are you looking forward to Silver Lake's first full-fledged boutique hotel, where drinks can actually be enjoyed on site? Air your grievances in the comments.

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