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Chefs Ludo, Voltaggio, Manzke, Centeno React to Foie Gras Legalization

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With the foie gras craze that is spreading through the kitchens of Los Angeles, expect foie to be the next pork belly.

Since news broke that foie gras is now legal again in California, chefs across town have been scrambling to get their hands on the unctuous delicacy. We asked chefs for their reactions to the news and got overwhelmingly positive responses. From full roasted lobes to torchons and tatakis, here's a preview of the foie dishes you can expect on menus throughout Los Angeles.

kalman.0.jpg Chef: Bruce Kalman

Restaurant: Union

Reaction: "F@$! yeah, I'm excited...Right when I returned to California was when the ban took effect, so it's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to work with it, but I guess it's like riding a bike...Game on!"

Dish: Foie gras terrine

fraser.0.jpg Chef: Neal Fraser

Restaurant: Redbird

Reaction: "Good to have my old friend back in the kitchen. Long live foie gras!"

Dish: Cocoa nib and pistachio crusted foie gras with quince and brioche, hitting the menu today

Photo: Brian Callaway

Voltaggio.0.jpg Chef: Michael Voltaggio

Restaurant: ink

Reaction: "I'm excited for the biscuits and gravy to hopefully come back to Animal!!!"

Photo: Ed Anderson

phillipflee.0.jpg Chef: Phillip Frankland Lee

Restaurant: Scratch Bar

Reaction: "Im super exited. I've been on the phone all morning sourcing my product, it SHOULD hit my menu Friday night. Saturday at the latest depending on how long it takes to import."

Dish: 1-1.5 lb whole roasted foie gras, slightly caramelized foie gras with radish, foie gras terrine features on the Scratch Board

lefevre.0.jpg Chef: David LeFevre

Restaurant: Manhattan Beach Post, Fishing with Dynamite

Reaction: "I am extremely excited about the repeal of the foie gras ban and have already talked to our teams sat Manhattan Beach Post and Fishing with Dynamite about what to start working on at the restaurants!"

Dish: Foie Gras Torchon with pears, allspice gastrique and wood grilled pan de champagne; Wood Grilled Foie with ruby grapefruit, sage and burnt honey; Seared Foie with pomegranate reduction and celery root puree

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

centeno.0.jpg Chef: Josef Centeno

Restaurant: Orsa & Winston, O&W Yakitori-Ya,

Reaction: "Yes, a repeal of the ban would definitely bring back foie gras to my menus, especially the tasting menus at Orsa & Winston and will surface soon at the current O&W Yakitori-Ya."

Dish: Torchon, seared, and skewer

Photo: Matt Duckor

ludolefebvre.0.0.0.jpg Chef: Ludo Lefebvre

Restaurant: Trois Mec, Petit Trois

Dish: Seared foie at Trois Mec, terrine at Petit Trois

manzke.0.jpg Chef: Walter Manzke

Restaurant: Republique

Reaction: "I have already ordered foie gras and will be on the menu as soon as I get it."

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

Eduardo_Ruiz.0.jpg Chef: Eduardo Ruiz

Restaurant: Corazon y Miel

Reaction: "Yes!!!! The team @corazonymiel can't wait to introduce Foie to the city of Bell. Pretty sure we will be the first."

Photo: Food GPS

FreddyVargas.0.jpg Chef: Freddy Vargas

Restaurant: Scarpetta

Reaction: "It is a dream come true, foie gras again in California. My mouth is salivating as I think about it - it's a good day!"

Dish: Duck with frothed foie gras sauce, smoked butter bean puree, braised Tuscan kale and apple mostarda

Photo: Andy Keilen

Wonny_Lee.0.jpg Chef: Wonny Lee

Restaurant: Hamasaku

Reaction: "I don't want to get into the political side of the argument but as far as a chef, foie is an ingredient that is treated and handled with respect. Especially in this day and age where chefs have personal relationships with farmers and purveyors, for the most part we know what processes go into producing such delicacies before we think about serving it to our customers. I can only hope that the negative stigma slowly starts to fade and we can enjoy this beautiful product for what it is. And it's just so goddam tasty!"

Dish: Unagi and foie gras tataki with soy plum wine sauce

Ray_Garcia.0.jpg Chef: Ray Garcia

Restaurant: Upcoming project in Downtown

Reaction: "I often forget where I put my keys but I will never forget the first time that I tasted foie gras. The combination of the smell, taste and texture was unlike anything that I had ever experienced."

Photo: Ralph Rouse Photography

fullilove.0.jpg Chef: Jason Fullilove

Restaurant: Ethereal Palate

Reaction: "I think lifting the ban is great. Everyone's really excited about it. And I know that some people have concerns about how its made, but I don't believe it's any less humane than any other farming practice. As chefs, we go out of our way to source the best products, and happy birds make great foie gras."

Dog-Haus-micheal-brown_6759-horiz_-_Copy.0.jpg Chef: Michael Brown

Restaurant: Dog Haus

Reaction: "I'm thrilled the ban on Foie Gras was revoked. I grew up eating Foie Gras in fine restaurants and it was always a treat when it was prepared thoughtfully. I'm glad that they finally realized that we can still produce Foie Gras without being inhumane to the ducks or geese. I think the re-introduction to Foie may entice people who never had it before to give it a try. When it's done right, there is nothing better."

Dish: Foie gras-topped sausage that will be available at the Biergarten location in Old Pasadena only from mid-January through the end of the month, and turducken sausage topped with seasonal jam and foie gras

Pretty.0.jpg Chef: Philip Pretty

Restaurant: Fundamental LA

Reaction: "One of my first experiences with foie was when I was working at Gordon Ramsay, and chef Anthony Keene made a rye, cherry and chocolate bread with a warm foie torchon w caramel ice cream and it blew my mind. It was the first time I had foie ice cream and it was one of the most intense dishes I've ever eaten."

Dish: Cinnamon brioche french toast, sautéed foie gras, graham crunch and stewed cherries, on the menu by Saturday

Photo: Andy Keilen

suzanne_tracht.0.jpg Chef: Suzanne Tracht

Restaurant: Jar

Reaction: "As soon as I heard the news yesterday I made several phone calls to see how fast we could get foie gras into the restaurant. [...] I'm happy I don't have to travel out of state now just to have a piece of foie gras."

Dish: An appetizer with foie gras and kumquats

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