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Westlake's Historic Park Plaza Hotel is Returning to Its Eating, Drinking, Dancing Glory

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Investors behind the revamped Roosevelt Hotel have purchased the long-closed property.

Park Plaza LA

The re-gentrification of Los Angeles' Westlake neighborhood has been well underway for months now, with creative outlets popping up here and there, spurned on by the great location and relatively affordable housing. As of today, the whole ad hoc plan has just taken a big step forward, and it likely means tasty things for the area.

The fine hotelier folks behind the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (that'd be innocuously-named DCGG Park Plaza) have just snatched up the entire Park Plaza Hotel, which overlooks MacArthur Park but has been closed to the public for years. There's a lot of work to be done on the old gal, of course, but early indications are that the team will work to make the Westlake location every bit of a draw as the Hollywood Roosevelt.

What's that mean for diners in the area who are eager to branch out from the pupuserias, Filipino joints and twice a week run to Langer's? No one's quite sure just yet, but there's already a ton of infrastructure in place to craft a viable restaurant and entertainment venue. Perhaps something in the vein of the revamped Ace Hotel downtown (which is actually for sale at the moment)? Oh perhaps a more subtle, friendly-for-everyone vibe like what Cedd Moses has planned for Union Station?

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