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Eater LA's Cocktail Week Starts Swizzling Right Now

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And we're shaking, stirring, and rolling for the next five days.

The Drooling Bastard, Tonga Hut
The Drooling Bastard, Tonga Hut
Wonho Frank Lee

Ladies, gentlemen, readers of all ages (over the age of 21, of course), fix your eyes a bit closer to the computer (or phone or tablet) right this second. Starting this moment and ending at approximately 5 p.m. on Friday, Eater Los Angeles will be your terminal for all things cocktail. That's correct, Eater's fourth annual Cocktail Week starts at this very second, where spirits, liqueurs, bars, bartenders, and even hangovers will get their due.

But before we continue, Eater wants to know one thing: what's the ultimate cocktail you've sipped in town? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll compile the favorites at the end of the week in a helpful map. Without further ado, presenting, Cocktail Week 2015.

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