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No More Tea for Venice as Gunpowder Quietly Closes Along Main Street

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The hip tea spot couldn't last.

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Gunpowder Tea, Venice
Gunpowder Tea, Venice

Apparently Venice isn’t the tea-loving haven that some might have suspected it was, as evidenced by the recent (and decidedly quiet) shutter of Gunpowder Tea on Main Street.

Focusing on tea in all its forms — from herbal-infused kinds to tea lattes and cold brews — certainly seemed like a good idea for owner Mike Franzini back in March of 2014 when Gunpowder first came online, but since then the place maintained a low-key presence along otherwise busy Main Street.

Eighteen months later, Gunpowder seems to have disappeared without a trace. Their website has been stripped, and Yelpers as far back as this spring were complaining about reduced hours and high prices. And so it seems the former Dagwood’s Pizza location will once again be in search of a new tenant, though that shouldn’t be too hard given the still-exploding restaurant interest in the area.

And for any necessary novelty beverage kicks on the Westside, there’s still Bulletproof Coffee just up the street.

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