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Trois Familia Is Jon, Vinny, and Ludo's Casual Silver Lake Brunch Spot

And it might be here next week.

Trois Familia, Silver Lake
Trois Familia, Silver Lake
Chef Ludo Twitter
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Big news on the Trois Mec family of restaurants front: their latest outpost has a name, and a sign, and a concept. Welcome to the world, Trois Familia.

The colorful new Silver Lake signage addition is now currently on display over the former Alegria strip mall space. Meanwhile, LA Weekly landed the scoop on just what Trois Familia might mean, with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo saying the place will be a French-Mexican brunch spot.

Exactly what that means remains a bit of a mystery, even to them, but the plan is mostly to serve price-conscious fare (in the $5 to $15 range) with few frills. And, Dotolo says, it’s a way for the trio to keep things truly simple, and step away from trying to win high-minded awards.

What’s even more interesting is the timeline. Apparently the guys decided to keep the Alegria layout mostly the same, which means there wasn’t much need for extended build-out time and permitting hassles. So, following a private party next week, the place should rush to soft open — likely as soon as next weekend.

How this all fits in with Silver Lake’s already-prodigious brunch scene remains to be seen. Millie’s is perhaps the busiest of the bunch nearby, but Sqirl isn’t far away and already draws hoards for its chef-driven morning options. Can the neighborhood really handle more late-breakfast eating? With Shook, Dotolo, and Ludo attached, the answer seems like a resounding yes.