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Chop Daddy's Shutters in Venice as Company Consolidates Around Culver Location

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The original outlet no longer fit the brand's profile, apparently.

Chop Daddy's, Culver City
Chop Daddy's, Culver City
Wonho Frank Lee
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Looks like Chop Daddy’s is down to a single location — their newer Culver City outlet — with news that the Venice original had closed without so much as a peep.

An email comes in today from the shop’s owner, Jon Swire, who says the Venice closure (effective immediately) was sudden for some, but not entirely unexpected. Instead, much like the original Umami Burger that shuttered on La Brea forever ago, the O.G. space had simply gotten too small for the burgeoning brand. The push now is for customers to head to the Culver City location, which features beer and wine as well as indoor seating and a patio. Venice had none of that, thus the shutter.

This also sounds like a move to consolidate around a brand identity, thanks to that recent infusion of cash from the AdVantage Partners team. With a singular identity and focus, Chop Daddy’s could look to expand into similar markets and make a big play for the quickly-expanding casual barbecue market.

Chop Daddy's

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