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Drink Through The Cheesecake Factory’s Cocktail Menu in Three Minutes Flat

The Cheesecake Factory's drinks are not for chumps.

Welcome to the graceful conclusion to Cocktail Week 2015. So far you’ve seen martini maps and bartender requests, peek into the future of cocktails in L.A. and a glance back at the best dive bars in town.

Now that the week is just about done, make some time for a relaxing drink. Or in this case, (almost) all of the drinks. And Eater isn’t going high-brow and fancy with this one. Nope. We’re going to The Cheesecake Factory.

Enjoy, and happy (safe and responsible) drinking.

Cheesecake Factory Drinks

[Note: Eater does not promote binge drinking. These cocktails were consumed in extremely moderate amounts just to get a taste of each.]

The Cheesecake Factory

511 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210 (818) 550-7505 Visit Website

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