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Break Room 86's Christine Wiseman Likes a Bright Shaken Tiki Drink on Nights Off

The high volume specialist likes to stay close to home.

Christine Wiseman of Break Room 86
Christine Wiseman of Break Room 86

When she's not mixing up throwback drinks like the Rocket Pop or Dr. J at Koreatown's bustling Break Room 86, Christine Wiseman likes to keep it close by her home in Hollywood. Here now, the affable bartender dishes out on her favorite places to drink around town, from fancy cocktail dens to time-worn dives.

What's the kind of bar you like to visit on a night off?

Depends on the kind of night. I love going to new bars, and they're opening up all the time. I'll stop by and try some of the new cocktails too, but after that, I'm a Miller High Life and a shot girl. I'm pretty easy. Nearby, I love The Walker Inn, The Normandie Club, but also recommend my local bar Harvard & Stone. It's just a short walk there for me. I also love Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz, as well as Big Bar, because they're both pretty close to me too.

What's your shot of choice?

I like tequila or mezcal. If it's a little colder out, I'll go for rye whiskey. As for cocktails, I like to go for anything shaken. Something citrusy and bright, with a little tiki flair. That kind of drink makes me happy.

What's a drink that really encompasses the experience at Break Room 86?

We're almost done with a new menu. We're so busy. Every day is insane here, with all the bands and shows. I'd say one drink that really represents us right now is the Rocket Pop. It looks and tastes just like one, so it's our main drink there.

Break Room 86

, Los Angeles, CA

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