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Famima!! to Shutter All U.S. Convenience Store Locations By End of October

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The corner store outfit just couldn't hold on.

Famima!!, Downtown
Famima!!, Downtown

It seemed, for a time, that Famima!! would take over the world — or at least Los Angeles. Now, less than a decade after the Japanese-based brand first landed in the City of Angels, they’re pulling out completely.

Word of the departure first comes from Toddrickallen, in a short post noting the disappearance of Santa Monica’s outlet on the Third Street Promenade. He also points to a Wikipedia entry saying that all Famima!! locations will be shuttered across Southern California by the end of October, and a call to one Downtown storefront confirms the news.

It’s a surprising end for the slightly upmarket convenience store from Japan. As recently as 2012 various websites were touting the rapid expansion and growth of the near-ubiquitous brand, but just as fast as it arrived it now looks like all traces will be disappearing. Need your fix of any of their grab-and-go steam buns, rice balls, or deli sandwiches? You’ve only got a couple of weeks.

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