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Gaze Inside Estrella, Dakota Weiss's Lush Ode to Laurel Canyon in West Hollywood

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The expansive morning to evening restaurant opened last Friday.

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Estrella is Dakota Weiss's brand new effort in the kitchen, and results are pretty darn glorious. Opened just last Friday for dinner, Estrella began breakfast service today, with grab-and-go lunch items available in between.

West Hollywood's Sunset Strip can be an odd dining desert despite plenty of places to eat, and with reasonable prices, eventual all day service, and an inside-outside feel, it could be the versatile restaurant the area has always needed. Sure, there are hotel restaurants like the London that have serviced the block, plus trendier evening eateries Eveleigh and The Church Key. But Dakota Weiss brings a throwback sensibility pulled from the Laurel Canyon heydays with a homegrown approach in the kitchen.

That means housemade yogurt with pistachio granola and a strawberry-rose jam. The bacon-wrapped, egg-stuffed Rolling Stone is already an instant classic, as evidenced by this insane video. Dakota's chef de cuisine Sal has prepared a 24-hour brined fried chicken covered with a light rice flour and tempura batter that's already a hit with diners. Oh, and the chicken undergoes a honey curry confit for extra complexity.

The veal cutlet's also been a popular dinnertime pick, the meat brined in the whey leftover from the kitchen's cheesemaking. It's lightly breaded and fried before getting served with confit squash and black truffles. Weiss might be most proud of the bone marrow, a decadent roasted preparation that's cured overnight, rubbed with garlic and topped with a panko pine nut crust, then served with a red wine truffle sauce. A Fernet bone luge highly recommended after taking that down.

Estrella's gorgeous look comes via Studio Collective, who went for the Laurel Canyon bungalow look, with vintage found pieces and lush greenery inside and out. Cocktails shake out from Gia St. George (most recently of Tacoteca), who's mixing things like the I Was Godsmacked, blending cachaca, jalapeno, sage, pineapple, and green Chartreuse. Alan Nathan and creative director Brett Nestadt helped found the place along with Weiss.

Breakfast runs daily from 7 a.m., lunch proffers takeaway options, while dinner commences in the early evening. Brunch runs weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

8800 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Estrella Dinner Menu