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A Sneak Peek Inside Kali Dining, Slated for Later this Year on Melrose

Refined casual dining near Larchmont.

Kali Dining
Kali Dining
Kali Dining

Chef Kevin Meehan’s former supper club concept Kali Dining is starting to take shape as a full-fledged restaurant on Melrose, and the below shot of the interior is the first look at the inside of the space that’s been seen so far.

Back in August, news came that Meehan and partner Drew Langley (previously a sommelier at Providence) would be taking over the former Midtown Bar & Kitchen location, which sits just around the corner from the bustling Larchmont district.

The idea, as always, has been to provide a uniquely fine-dining approach to the food, but with a much more casual sensibility inside the restaurant. Langley will be servicing the drinks side of things, turning out cocktails and offering up loads of interesting wines for the Hancock Park/Larchmont neighborhood.

When it arrives, Kali Dining should help to reshape the upper-middle dining space in Los Angeles, which as a whole has turned to largely casual dishes and forgettable restaurant concepts over the years. Perhaps with a favorable lease and low overhead, Kali’s unique brand of maximalist feel and Michelin-level fare can find a comfortable home along Melrose.

Kali Dining
5722 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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