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Mr. Sate Hitting Palms With Indonesian Street Fare on a Stick

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Coming ... sometime...

Mt. Sate, Palms
Mt. Sate, Palms
Joshua Lurie

Someone has taken over a portion of real estate right at Palms and Motor in the heart of Palms itself, with plans to apparently drop in a satay (as in meat on a stick) spot. Dubbed Mr. Sate, the place is currently papered over but has been ramping up over the past few months online.

By the looks of things, Mr. Sate will (eventually) become an Indonesian sort of spot, serving up all manner of seasoned beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork skewers. There are also plans for nasi goreng, potato fritters known as perkadel, and assorted curry noodle options.

There’s an Instagram account and Facebook page associated with the space, but both have been dormant in recent weeks. Similarly, their website doesn’t yet show a full menu, but the building itself promises an arrival sometime in the near future. Hopefully the wait isn't too long, considering the current trend towards Southeast Asian flavors right now.

Mr. Sate
3456 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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