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Winsome Hopes to Be Echo Park's Shining New All-Day Dining Star

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The latest on the Elysian project from the Spare Room guys.

Winsome at The Elysian, Echo Park
Winsome at The Elysian, Echo Park
Elizabeth Daniels
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There’s finally a name for that long-awaited ground floor restaurant project taking over Echo Park’s The Elysian: Winsome. The planned facility comes from The Spare Room owners Marc Rose and Med Abrous, and has been in discussion since at least last year. For what it's worth, the pair also recently took over ownership of the iconic Genghis Cohen across town on Fairfax too, though there are no formal plans for the space as of yet.

Even last year, the heretofore unnamed space was being talked about as an all-day option for the neighborhood, selling coffee, croissants, and more in the mornings before transitioning into casual daytime fare and then settling in for a cozier dinner. It’s a smart play for that stretch of Sunset Boulevard, which sits in a precariously thin zone for quality eats — Guisados is a ways up the street still, and the beginnings of Chinatown a ways down. Add in the new tenants in the building above, and Winsome could become the kind of packed neighborhood gem that stretch of Echo Park is after.

Executive chef Jeremy Strubel (previously of Rustic Canyon) will run the all-day program, which includes a takeout window — aren’t they all the rage right now? — for the morning stuff. As for the rest of the day’s menu, it’s still coming together but expect the usual farmers market, California fresh produce signifiers.

Winsome looks to open sometime in December inside William Perreira’s iconic The Elysian building in Echo Park.


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