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Phillip Frankland Lee Prepares to Drop Scratch Bar 2.0 in Encino

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Here's the address.

Encino Plaza
Encino Plaza
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Despite some seriously oddball back-and-forth with a previous partner, it now looks as though Phillip Frankland Lee’s personal version of Scratch Bar is back and (almost) ready for action in Encino, of all places.

new ABC license is up for the address in question at 16101 Ventura Boulevard, which is the site of Encino Place, a high-volume shopping center kitted out with everything from a Coffee Bean to a Massage Envy Spa. Scratch Bar will be housed in unit #255, on the second floor, and paperwork is already up relating to the liquor license.

It’s an intriguing location for Lee’s Scratch Bar concept, especially given his earlier proclamation that the restaurant, once removed from Beverly Hills, would be heading somewhere much more hip. A multi-story shopping plaza in Encino may not fit that mold at first glance, but who’s to say the locals won’t love Lee’s brand of tasting menu cooking?

And in the midst of it all, Scratch Bar Beverly Hills continues on thanks to business partner Dario Danesh. They recently scrubbed all mention of Lee from their website and deal promotions, but the place is still around — which could lead to an even lengthier timeline of confusion for customers trying to decide which Scratch Bar experience they’re actually after, the Encino shopping plaza one or the (unaffiliated) Beverly Hills redo?

Scratch Bar Encino
16101 Ventura Blvd., #255
Encino, CA