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The Ramen Train Keeps Chugging With Newest Downtown Entrant Anzutei

Slurp on.


There's no question that Angelenos have developed a real taste for ramen, with a decent slew of slurp shops popping up outside of the Sawtelle and Little Tokyo noodle hubs. The newest entrant to the party, Anzutei, has opened its doors downtown on Spring Street between 7th and 6th.

This is certainly a boon for office workers and urbanites who can now indulge in Anzutei's chicken and pork bone soup that comes in shoyu, miso, and spicy tantanmen varieties. If you're feeling extra hungry, there's also fried chicken or ebi mayo salad that you can add on to your meal.

For only $8.50 a bowl, the ramen at Anzutei is sure to be a fantastic way to cozy up to the (hopefully) impending sweater weather.

Cash only.