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Sushi Roku Hollywood Shuts Down for Good October 17 After 18 Years on West Third

The 3rd Street mainstay will close in anticipation of the upcoming ROKU.

Sushi Roku Hollywood
Sushi Roku Hollywood
Sushi Roku

Just when it seemed as if the Sushi Roku empire was expanding with its fifth location opening in Newport Beach only five months ago, today comes the surprising news that Sushi Roku Hollywood (their moniker, despite the fact that it's actually on West Third Street), the celebrity favorite that's been turning out reliable nigiri sushi and rolls for the past 18 years, will permanently close its doors on Saturday, October 17.

It's a sad day for locals who relied on the upscale restaurant for nights out filled with consistently fresh sushi in its hip digs. Those craving the restaurant's signature Katana rolls and spicy tuna on crispy rice will have to make the trek to Sushi Roku's other locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Las Vegas, or Newport Beach.

Instead IDG turns its attention to ROKU, its upcoming teppanyaki restaurant that will take over the old Rivabella space in West Hollywood. It's a smart move for the group, building on the success it has had at BOA and Sushi Roku to develop a meaty, Japanese-inspired concept.

In the meantime, Sushi Roku lovers have just over a week to enjoy one last meal at the beloved eatery before it closes for good.