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Here's Everything You Want to Eat at The Rose in Venice

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Breakfast and lunch, until dinner commences next month.

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The Rose, Venice
The Rose, Venice
Wonho Frank Lee
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The Rose believes in quality daytime dining, and they're bringing it hard with a slate of really great breakfast and lunch menus. Here's both of them for you to oogle, with pastries and breads by a team trained at Quince in San Francisco. The coffee setup leans on Verve while the rest of chef Jason Neroni's bill of fare looks perfectly appropriate for Venice.

Things are mostly affordable, with a breakfast sandwich at $9, pancakes and breakfast burrito for the same price, plus oatmeal, baked eggs, and a benedict tartine. If coffee isn't your jam, they'll have Westside-priced juices and smoothies to power your day, like the ginger, matcha, and almond milk one that mixes in bananas.

Lunch time expands a little bit, with everything from lamb schwarma pizza and Neroni's signature smoked carbonara pasta to a righteous patty melt and smoked bacon ramen that uses a chicken base. Prices are also on the reasonable side, ranging $9 to $15, though a whole oven-roasted dorade costs $23 a plate. See the entire menus below and drool a bit before heading over the Venice.

The Rose
220 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA

Rose Cafe Breakfast

Rose Cafe Lunch

The Rose

97 Main Street, , CO 81632 (970) 855-0141 Visit Website