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Koreatown's High DUI Rate, an Epic Brazilian Burger, and More A.M. Intel

And Civil Coffee opens tomorrow in Highland Park.

A sparsely lit room with wood chairs and tables at the Wallflower restaurant in Venice, California.
The Wallflower, Venice
Wonho Frank Lee

Keep your cellphone on lockdown in WeHo

The Abbey has been hit with a string of cell phone thefts, numbering up to 159 reported incidents this year. Next time you're rolling through West Hollywood, make sure to secure your phone.

Koreatown might be DUI central in L.A.

Apparently Koreatown has one of the highest DUI rates in Los Angeles, according to Koogle. In the first three quarters of the year, there was almost 2,000 DUI arrests, 63 accidents, and 17 deaths related to drunk driving. Perhaps its time more people in the area take a cab or Uber.

Hamburger, meet Hamburgão

The Ta Bom truck might be one of the few gourmet trucks that's still managed to roll around after all these years on the streets. The Brazilian street food truck get a small feature in LA Magazine, with Latin food specialist Bill Esparza waxing about the epic hamburgão, which loads up fried egg, sweet corn, and crunchy potato sticks for just $8. Can your lunch beat that?

Mexican sushi, anyone?

Munchies has a long feature on Mexican sushi at a spot called Culchi Town over in Bell. The menu's only in Spanish, so be sure you clarify that you want the lupillo roll with imitation crab meat, cream cheese, and eel sauce.

More on the Wallflower

LA Weekly has a tidy early review on the Wallflower, which opened quietly last week on Rose Avenue in Venice. The Southeast Asian menu gets a fairly thorough shakedown, with a combination of modern Indonesian fare with some kinds of Chinese.

50% off no more at 800 Degrees, but it's still cheap

The #potd is: The Bianca with green peppers and fontina cheese. #crustlevel3000 #thatsdelicious

A photo posted by 800 Degrees Pizza (@800degreespizza) on

News flash for anyone who used that 50% off deal at 800 Degrees. There's been a few updates to the policy. First, it's just $5 for the "pizza of the day," which gets featured daily on Instagram. And second, it's only available Monday to Friday. So bargain pizza hunters will have to get their cheapo pies on weekdays. And hey, it's still a pretty amazing deal.

Let's be Civil

Civil Coffee David Maziarz

Photo: David Maziarz

Civil Coffee opens tomorrow in Highland Park and boy is the space beautiful. Rocking Coava and Heart roasters, it'll be one of many new coffee shops opening soon in this Eastside neighborhood. Hours will run 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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