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Wes Avila Drinks Through LA on Chef's Night Out, The Hungry Cat Rolls Out Dollar Oysters, and More A.M. Intel

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And Bibigo offers free bibimbap in Glendale.

Wes Avila drinks copious amounts of booze

Food truck maven Wes Avila of the J. Gold-approved Guerrilla Tacos takes some time off to spend his birthday with Vice's Chef's Night Out. The shown known for its debauchery follows the Ducasse-trained chef as he stops at Republique, Cliff's Edge, Tonga Hut, and Mexikosher, downing a magnum bottle of wine and plenty of tiki drinks along the way.

The Hungry Cat (finally) launches dollar oysters

Well, it's only on Mondays, but it's still a great way to indulge in the bivalve in the height of oyster season. The Hungry Cat will select one oyster variety a week that will be offered for $1 each during lunch, happy hour, and dinner at the Hollywood location, and during happy hour and dinner only at the Santa Monica branch. Want dollar oyster specials every night of the week? Check out this handy dandy map.

Bill Esparza shares his picks for Colombian food in LA

Interested in learning a little something about Colombian cuisine? LA's own Latin food expert Bill Esparza gives the low down on the best Colombian restaurants in the city to fulfill all your hankerings for arepas, sancocho, and ceviche.

Get your free bibimbap next Monday, November 30

Fast casual Korean concept Bibigo is setting up shop in the Glendale Galleria. To celebrate its opening, the build-your-own-bibimbap restaurant will be giving away free bowls of the mixed rice dish all day.

Mr. C gets in the holiday spirit with its winter edition of poolside cinema

Beverly Hills' Mr. C takes the holidays seriously, and beyond its annual offering of vin brulé in the lobby, the hotel is also hosting biweekly movie screenings in its heated outdoor tent every other Tuesday. Nibble on Venetian-inspired fare while watching movies like It's a Wonderful Life and Love Actually to get into the holiday spirit.